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Commercial Lighting

Upgrading the lights throughout warehouses not only decreases energy consumption by 50% or more, but it also improves light quality and employee production!

Exterior Lighitng NEW

Exterior Lighting

One of the most important aspects of the exterior appearance to your facility. Exterior lighting is usually on from dusk until dawn which aids in both security purposes and aesthetics. LED Fixtures are nearly maintenance free, reduce energy consumption up to 70% and much brighter than old HID fixtures.

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Landscape Lighting

Looking at upgrading landscape lighting around your home or business? We have many different products that will sufficiently light up your area while keeping operating costs at a minimum!



Your sign is the first thing people see when driving by, so why not drastically brighten it up and reduce the amount of money it takes to operate it as well? LED retrofits are available and easy to install, making it cost effective to upgrade and start saving!

Office NEW

Office Space

Office lighting is a crucial aspect in employee productivity, who likes to work in a non-sufficient lit area? Let us retrofit your office which will improve light levels, updating the look of current fixtures to modern designs and increase employee productivity!

Daylight NEW

Occupancy/Daylight Sensors

Do the restroom lights need to be on when not occupied? Employees forgetting to turn off lights when going to lunch? Is there plenty of natural light coming in through office windows? Any of these factors may be a great opportunity for you to add occupancy and/or daylight sensors to certain areas throughout your facility. Occupancy sensors allow the lights to be turned off automatically when the room is not occupied,  while daylight sensors automatically dim down fixtures to reduce energy consumption if there is enough natural light entering the area.