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Who Is Abcon Lighting?

Abcon Lighting is a Registered Trade Ally with the Wisconsin funded Utility Program "Focus On Energy," and our goal is to make customers aware of the substantial energy savings we can get them by switching over to energy efficiency products throughout their business(es). By participating in a FREE energy assessment at your facility, we do a thorough walkthrough of each business, while plugging in the proper efficiency products which range from extremely efficient LED light bulbs, to occupancy sensors which shut the lights off automatically when they do not need to be running. Once completed, our iPad tool shows us approximate annual savings by converting over to everything that we recommend.

If the customer would like to proceed with these energy efficient measures to drop their monthly utility charges substantially, we can get you signed up right on the spot with just a few additional steps to finalize your interest with the program. Essentially, customers are receiving jobs at upwards of 70% off!

Don't hesitate to setup a FREE energy assessment and see what Abcon and the utility company is willing to do for you!